Tokyo Show 2011 Highlights: Suzuki Regina Concept

The new Suzuki Regina concept, revealed at the Tokyo motor show today, is the Japanese maker’s idea of a new, global small car.

Majoring in low weight and aerodynamics, the Suzuki Regina concept uses an 800cc turbocharged petrol motor, a new CVT transmission, brake regeneration and auto stop-start to achieve its impressive 75mpg claimed combined economy figure.

Weighing just 730kg, the 3.5-metre long, 1.6-metre wide Regina offers 10 per cent better aerodynamics than a Swift and showcases clever new manufacturing processes that utilise curved high-tensile steel elements to reduce the number of parts required whilst improving rigidity. Interior space is also a priority, so it gets a staggered dash to allow the passengers more space without compromising the driving position.

Expect to see this make production, albeit without the concept glitz and quirkiness.

Thanks to: Autocar


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