Hot News: Infiniti Plans to Show Eco Roadster at Geneva Show 2012

Luxury brand Infiniti is dipping a toe into the water of the sports car class with a new zero-emission, mid-engined roadster.

The car is set to debut at March’s Geneva Motor Show, and could take styling cues from the Essence concept that was seen at Geneva in 2009. It’s expected to be the size of a Porsche Boxster and feature EV range-extending technology.

Batteries will power electric motors, while the engine will be used only to top them up. If the public reaction is good, Infiniti may hunt for a technical partner for the project. Likely candidates include Red Bull Racing and Mercedes.

Infiniti will be using Mercedes’ 2.1-litre diesels in its M executive car in 2013, while the BMW 3 Series-rivalling G will launch with the same engines later that year.

Also, an Audi A3-sized coupe/crossover, based on the Etherea concept from this year’s Geneva show, should arrive in 2014, sitting on the new Mercedes A and B-Class platform. This could be the brand’s first European-built car, too. For more details click here.
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