New Concept Car: Honda AC-X

Honda has revealed this dramatic new mid-engined sports car concept as the star of the Tokyo motor show. The Honda Small Sports EV Concept will be joined on Honda’s Tokyo stand by a stylish new plug-in hybrid saloon and a Renault Twizy-style urban commuter vehicle.

Honda describes the AC-X saloon concept as being a next-generation plug-in hybrid. The concept appears to be between the Civic and Accord in size. The firm revealed last month that it intends to have a plug-in hybrid on sale in limited numbers in China, Japan and US in 2012.

Honda says the concept “offers a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience in urban and long-distance motoring”. To that end, the concept is offered with an ‘automatic driving mode’ for more relaxed driving, with an ‘engine drive mode’ on offer for more spirited driving.

Thanks to: Autocar


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