New Car: 2012 Guangzhou GS5

As the Guangzhou Auto Show is in Guangzhou Auto’s own backyard, GAC were eager to make the most of the show especially as state owned automotive rivals such as SAIC’s MG and Roewe and also BAIC’s Saab based cars avoided the show. GAC had the full floor to launch the GS5 which quickly became the star of the show, the GS5 is certainly a looker and does not carry the awkward lines of other Chinese SUV’s. Under the hood a 1.8L and 2.0L engine have been sourced from the older Alfa Romeo 159 which should make for some spirited driving and the platform also has some Alfa DNA in it as well. Pricing has not yet been announced, but pricing from 120,000rmb and rising is more than likely for such an SUV. The SUV maybe nice, but the Trumpchi name still sounds rather odd. Does anybody at GAC know what Trump actually means?
Thanks to: China Car Times


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