Spied: 2014 Chevrolet SS

What It Is: Chevrolet’s upcoming SS sedan, which will share its rear-wheel-drive Zeta platform with the new, police-only Caprice PPV. Basically a shorter, civilian version of the Caprice, the SS is being added to Chevy’s lineup as a prequel to a new version due in 2015 that will be built in the U.S. The SS also will serve as the brand’s 2013 NASCAR entry.

Why It Matters: We recently uncovered Chevy’s plans for this car—which the company later confirmed—and it’s important for two reasons: First, it resurrects the Pontiac G8, a car that we liked a lot. Second, it is a big, rear-drive sedan that’s going to get V-8 power—something the world can always use more of.

Platform: Like the G8 before it and several Holden products, the SS will sit on the short-wheelbase version of GM’s Zeta platform (the Caprice cop car uses a very long wheelbase). The new Chevy basically will be a Pontiac G8 underneath, and the roofline, doors, and glass match the defunct Pontiac as well, however, the SS will get bow-tie–specific styling at the front and rear.

The test car seen in these photos is wearing heavy camouflage at each end, but we can see some potential differences between it and the Caprice and G8 through the cladding. Up front, the SS looks as if it will get more cooling ducts and intakes than the cop car. And are those cutouts in the hood’s camo we see? We’ve got our fingers crossed that those are covering up Pontiac GT GXP–like hood vents to help a big V-8 breathe. The rear end also appears closer in execution to the departed G8 than to the Caprice, with a trunklid-mounted license plate and an aggressive diffuser-style rear-bumper element defined through the garbage-bag sheathing. The SS is supposed to get a lightweight treatment compared to the G8, just like the Holden VF Commodore it will be built alongside.

Thanks to: Car and Driver


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