New Car: 2013 Zhongxing Tiger G3

The facelifted Zhongxing Tiger G3 has been launched on the Chinese car market. There is only one and it costs 71.800 yuan. Power comes from a 2.8 diesel engine with 100hp and 235nm, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

This sorta cheap pickup truck is still very popular in the Chinese countryside. They do nothing very good but basically won’t break. The 3.2 diesel is used by many small Chinese pickup makers, it is originally an Isuzu unit but has since been copied by many small Chinese engine makers. The other popular engine is the original-Mitsubishi 2.4 patrol. Among the small Chinese pickup makers Zhongxing is by far the biggest. They export to various countries and their trucks are good enough for war in desert-like countries. The Tiger G3 sits in the middle of the line-up.
Thanks to: Car News China


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