Spied Up Date: 2013 Lexus GS

Big cars are big business in China, ask Audi about their A6 sales in China and you wont get an answer, just a big grin. Big car sales equal big profits, and this is the market that the GS is aiming for. The GS will be squaring up against Germany’s finest in the Chinese market, the A6, 5-Series and E-Class should be afraid of the GS when it hits the market later this year, the GS has been given a major redesign for the latest generation which corporates some styling from the LF sports car. This particular spy shot shows an AWD model, but the regular GS will come in RWD mode also to cater for those just require power to the rear wheels.

Why this model has been spotted out in China first is not exactly a mystery, Lexus are looking to ramp up their sales considerably in China over the next few years and the GS is likely to be a major part of any plan for the Chinese business user market.

Thanks to: China Car Times


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