Hot News: Daihatsu Copen is Back

Insiders within the brand claim that a new Daihatsu Copen is being developed, with parent company Toyota helping to build an all-new engine.

The previous Copen, axed earlier this year, was powered by a tiny 660cc turbo, which was replaced by a more efficient 1.3-litre unit to meet emissions rules.

However, the new car looks set to return to the original’s roots with a 900cc two-cylinder petrol engine. This will use similar technology to the TwinAir unit found in Fiat’s 500 city car, and promises to return in excess of 90mpg economy, while putting out less than 80g/km of CO2.

It’s another example of auto manufacturers downsizing their engine line-ups; this unit could also be used in Toyota’s next-generation iQ city car. However, our sources suggest that no turbocharged or diesel versions are planned.

The new Copen is likely to be longer and wider than the previous generation, as Daihatsu bosses look to ensure that it complies with global safety regulations. It’s expected to retain the original’s folding hard-top, though, and will still be one of the cheapest ways to enjoy wind-in-the-hair motoring.

Daihatsu plans to pull out of Europe in 2013, but this new model could help reignite UK interest in the brand. For more details click here.

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