New Car: 2012 Toyota Camry (European Version)

Two days ago, we posted on the new seventh-generation Toyota Camry that made its debut in USA. However, we all know that there are various versions of Toyota’s popular D-segment sedan, and what we may be getting is likely to different from the North American car.

Now, here are some official shots of another version of the new Camry, released by Toyota Ukraine. We can see that the front and rear design of this car is totally different from the US version. This set of pics reveal a Camry with a “baby Lexus LS” front end, which features a grille with more slats and more chrome, which is what buyers from our region (plus China and Russia) generally prefer.

And while the side profile is similar to what we’ve seen from the US, the rear end is once again completely different. While the US car has those distinctive “boomerang” lamp clusters, this one is more “full” in shape, and both sides are connected with a fat chrome strip. Even the rims look familiar.

Inside, there’s lots of wood with glossy finish and metallic accents. They go on to a dark grey cabin, and the overall look is quite classy in a traditional way. We have a feeling that this Camry we see here will be the one ASEAN is getting.

Thanks to: Paultan


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