Hot News: Ford FPV GT Black Gets Green Light to Produce

A slightly watered-down version of the all-back Ford FPV GT “concept” displayed at this year’s Australian International in Melbourne is in the blocks ready to hit the roads.

The one-off black FPV appeared on Ford’s interactive motor show stand without any announcements about its possible future, although FPV general manager Rod Barret indicated there were reasons for the showing other than FPV simply parading its first-ever concept car.

“We wanted (the “concept” FPV) to demonstrate the possibilities, explore the future and gauge public opinion to assist us with the evolution of FPV product” he said.

Since then, FPV has collated customer feedback from the show and is about to make an announcement that an adaptation of the show car will go into production.

Exactly what will be left in and left out is yet to be announced, but it is certain that the visuals of the show car will remain close to intact.

The concept car used the regular GT’s supercharged 335kW/570Nm Boss 5.0-litre V8 and was given the all-black treatment to imbue a sinister on-road presence that continued through to the interior.

The show car featured dramatic Silhouette black paint embellished with unique matte-black stripes extending across the bonnet, body sides, rear spoiler and diffuser. Black five-spoke one-piece forged 19-inch wheels measuring 8.0 inches wide at the front and 9.5 inches at the rear wore Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GT tyres, with bigger brakes (six-pot up front, four-pot at the rear) peeking out from behind the spokes.

Suspension was “track-tuned” and there was a stainless steel high flow exhaust system with the tailpipes finished in black.

Inside, the black leather-trimmed one-off featured an all-black dash complete with Ford’s ICC interior command centre.

According to Barret, it included options from the “most ticked” list, including the leather trim and a reversing camera.

“That way, it’s a reflection of what our buyers are choosing and gives us a ‘real world’ basis to get people thinking,” he said.

Making predictions about the final form of the black FPV draws on the obvious: It would be reasonable to expect the show car’s paintwork and interior could easily be replicated, but the mechanicals – such as the big brakes and, maybe, the suspension - might represent more of a fiscal challenge.

Price is predicted to be around $75,000.

Rumour has it that FPV has already made dealer allocations and that deposits are being taken. Watch this space for further updates on FPV’s black edition GT.

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