New Concept Car: Peugeot HX1

This is the Peugeot HX1 Concept – a stunning six-seater that previews a novel take on the MPV. And it’s set to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The newcomer is longer and wider than a BMW X5, but lower than a 1 Series, and follows the DS5’s lead by distilling people carrier proportions into a sportier shape. With its short overhangs and stubby bonnet, the HX1 aims to blend a spacious interior and a sleek profile. And Peugeot tells us it doesn’t only showcase future styling from the brand; it previews a luxurious production MPV.

The exterior has been styled with aerodynamics in mind as much as aesthetics – it has an impressively low drag coefficient of 0.28. At the front, the floating grille seen on the SR1 and HR1 show models is reinterpreted, and flanked by narrow raked LED headlights and aggressive lower air intakes. But there’s more to the HX1 than meets the eye – all four doors open upwards and outwards in a dramatic scissor style, creating one huge opening for easy access to the interior.

Peugeot has adopted active aerodynamics, so fans extend from the spokes of the alloys at higher speeds to create a smooth surface. A roof spoiler also deploys above 62mph.

As you’d expect with an MPV, designers have paid just as much attention to the interior – and it uses the finest materials. Natural oak with inlaid optic fibres trims the floor, while there’s brushed metal and swathes of leather. Hi-tech features include a head-up display, a digital instrument panel and a central touchscreen.

But what marks out the HX1 is its unique seating layout. It owes more to a London black cab than a conventional MPV, with two permanent seats in the front, two more in the rear and a further pair that fold out from the front seatbacks. Passengers in the back are well catered for, with a minibar and coffee machine integrated into the white marble centre console.

Providing the power is the same HYbrid4 system as already found in the 3008 and RXH. This uses a 204bhp 2.2-litre HDi diesel to propel the front wheels and a 95bhp electric motor to turn the rears; when the two work together, the car has all the benefits of four-wheel drive.

What’s more, the set-up allows the car to go 18.6 miles on electric power only, with the batteries feeding the motor rechargeable via a household socket. As a result, the HX1 claims 88.2mpg fuel economy and 83g/km CO2 emissions.

Further details about the pioneering MPV will be revealed on the stands at Frankfurt. For more details click here.

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