Spied: 2013 Peugeot 508 4WD

Is this the world’s most talented estate car? At first glance, these spy shots appear to show a regular SW estate version of Peugeot’s new 508. But in fact, you’re seeing the first pictures of a four-wheel-drive hybrid that will combine Audi Allroad looks and 200bhp performance with emissions so low that road tax will be free.

Power comes from Peugeot’s unique HYbrid4 set-up, which uses a 163bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine to drive the front wheels and a 37bhp electric motor to propel the rears. This system features in the 3008 crossover, and is capable of delivering 74.4mpg economy and 99g/km of CO2.

Expect to see virtually identical figures in the 508 SW, along with a 0-62mph time of around 8.5 seconds. As well as its hi-tech powertrain, the SW will get jacked-up suspension and rugged, off-road styling, to stand out from versions with more conventional drivetrains.

And the HYbrid4 system will feature only in the estate, as it’s too big to fit into the 508 saloon. Peugeot will share the diesel-electric set-up with future DS4 and DS5 models from sister brand Citroen.

Further down the line, however, the next-generation HYbrid4 system will be more compact, as the current nickel-metal hydride batteries will be replaced by lithium-ion cells. This will allow Peugeot to fit the system to more of its smaller cars in future.

The 508 SW HYbrid4 is expected to arrive in dealers here early next year, with a range-topping price of around £30,000. For more details click here.
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