Long hidden Tucker sees light of day again.

From our friends at Hemmings and the Tucker Automobile Club of America comes news about one of 51 1948 Tucker Torpedos that was all but forgotten in South America.

Roberto E. Lee of São Paulo, Brazil. purchased Tucker number 1035 in the late 1960s with the intentions of restoring the car for his museum. Sadly this did not happen before his death a few years later. After Lee's death the museum closed while his family argued over ownership (seems to always happen huh?). Originally there were over 100 cars in the collection with several that were stolen or sold over the years. Vandalism also plagued the closed museum during the past few decades.

However some light has shown on the collection with a recent deal completed between the city of Caçapava and the Lee family for the city to take possession of the remaining 27 cars in the collection which includes the Tucker and an equally rare Alfa Romeo grand prix car in exchange for the rights to develop the property for another use. The story doesn't end here though. The remaining cars from the collection have now joined another small car museum in the city and restoration/preservation work on the Tucker is to begin soon.

The Tucker is unique as it has been heavily modified since first coming to South America in 1948. The unique dashboard has been replaced with one from Buick and the rear engine has given way to a front mounted engine transplant. So the restoration folks will have their work cut out for them as they progress. Especially since you can't just go down to the local Pep Boys and order replacement parts for a 1948 Tucker.


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