New Car: 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Black Diamond Edition

Cadillac has announced a new version of the CTS-V called the Black Diamond Edition, and it’s so cool it may just be the new black. CTS-V models so equipped wear a special black paint finish that is embedded with aluminum flakes, which GM is calling SpectraFlair pigments.

The paint scheme is intended to look like tiny diamonds are embedded in the Caddy’s surface; although DeBeers clearly wasn’t involved, the video below shows how the special paint creates a dazzling shimmer under direct light. The company likens it to “a finely crafted, tailored tuxedo,” while we opine that few tuxedos reach this level of bling-osity. The Black Diamond treatment focuses primarily on appearance, unlike Porsche’s recently revealed Black Editions of the 911 and Boxster, which up the power.

Although that means buyers of CTS-V Black Diamond cars will have to be content with the standard 556 hp, their cars do add a pile of normally optional equipment: black-graphite 19-inch wheels, yellow-painted brake calipers, Recaro leather seats with suede inserts, and black wood trim.

The CTS-V Black Diamond will be available in all three body styles—coupe, sedan, and wagon—starting this March. Stickers start at $69,190 for the Black Diamond cars with a six-speed manual and $70,490 for cars equipped with an automatic transmission, each an increase of $4850 over their respective CTS-V base models. When you consider that picking up the same wheels, painted calipers, Recaros, and wood trim à la carte would run $4800 without the fancy paint, the Black Diamond package sounds like a gem of a deal.

Thanks to: Car and Driver


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