New Concept Car: Peugeot Onyx

You can never have too many alternative-powertrain supercars, right? Peugeot is teasing the Onyx concept car before its debut later this month at the Paris Motor Show. While we don’t yet have any official information, Peugeot’s teaser video and official Facebook page do reveal quite a bit on the sexy concept’s styling.

Peugeot has revealed more photos and information on the Onyx concept, which the automaker said was made with materials processed as little as possible. The doors are made from a pure copper sheet while Peugeot says the polished metal mirror will develop a patina over time. As we predicted, the rest of the body is made from carbon fiber in a matte black color. The rear-drive concept is powered by a diesel hybrid with a 3.7-liter V-8. Though the enginen itself apparently has about 600 hp, Peugeot says that the hybrid system temporarily boosts total horsepower to about 680 by recovering the energy usually lost during braking. Inside, the dashboard uses wood produced from used newspapers and the passenger compartment is a one-piece pod made from felt.

“For the interior, I was inspired by an everyday object, the egg box,” said Julien Cueff, Onyx interior stylist, in a release. “With remarkable economy of material, it protects very fragile items. I adapted the concept into an intuitive space, with a minimum of connected parts, to become one with the car.”

Thanks to: Motor Trend


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