Indonesia Show 2012 Highlights: Daihatsu D-R Concept

Many people want to see the low price car from Daihatsu, called Ayla. But actually they have 2 other vehicles that just made world premiere at IIMS 2012. First is Daihatsu D-R Concept which is shown alongside with D-X Concept.

Like D-X, D-R comes with convertible form. But it has different styling. If D-X has sporty and tough look, D-R is given elegant and stylish by Daihatsu's designer. In the front-end, it has aggressive 'face' due to the headlamps design which look like triangle and grille with trapezoidal form.

Its exterior look catchy with yellow body color and its wheels have silver combined with yellow. For the rear, D-R has a unique design. D-R comes with vertical brake lamps combined with horizontal sign and reverse lamps. This convertible looks sporty due to the use rear-spoiler, twin exhaust with chrome accent, and rear diffuser.

For the interior, we'll see brown color is very dominant. Daihatsu shows the elegant interior design with high quality material. Interior detail is seen by mold seams that we can see on the dashboard and steering wheel. Behind the 3-spoke steering wheel, Daihatsu adds instrument cluster with big screen and digital form. In the center cockpit, there's LCD screen that will show up navigation system, multimedia feature, and other features.

Daihatsu D-R Concept has 2-cylinder turbo direct injection engine.


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