Indonesia Show 2012 Highlights: 2013 Kia Sorento

With Oppa Gangnam Style opening, Kia introduced the latest Sorento for Indonesia market. This is not the latest generation of mid-SUV. It's just a facelift. Now wonder its look is like the previous generation that we can always find on the street.

The designer give a little bit change in the exterior sector. Front, Sorento has redesign headlamps with LED lamps on it. And then there are modified front bumper and fog lamps that now is placed vertically. With these changes, Sorento looks tough. In the side, now Sorento comes with 19-inch chrome wheels that make this SUV more luxurious. Total redesign can be found in the rear side. Here, we'll see the completely new rear lamps with LED. Meanwhile, rear fog lamps or reflector lamps that's placed vertically make Sorento looks tough.

Inside, Sorento's interior is offered with 2 choices color, black and beige. And the cabin coating is offered with 2 choices, fabric and leather. Kia offers panoramic roof for consumer who wants to buy this SUV. 7-inch LCD screen is ready helping you to show route map and multimedia feature. Center console with a new design.

Kia Sorento will go on sale on January 2013 for Indonesia market.


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