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The automotive industry is using programmable logic devices (PLDs) after discovering how they can contribute to the success of both system suppliers and automakers (original equipment manufacturers). With best-in-class quality, cost structures suitable for high-volume consumer applications, and increasing system performance, PLDs are entering the automotive market faster than any other semiconductor category. Unlike ASSP or microcontroller solutions, PLDs provide the flexibility and faster time-to-market that is increasingly becoming a key requirement in the automotive industry.
PLDs, which have already found a home in the automotive infotainment and communications markets, are included in designs for the emerging driver assistance automotive segment. This segment consists of some of the fastest growing applications, including lane departure warning, night vision, and tire pressure monitoring. With a low silicon cost structure, abundance of intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, and a long product shelf life, PLDs are an ideal choice for the growing automotive electronics market.
Altera’s automotive grade semiconductor portfolio includes products no other PLD supplier in the automotive market currently offers.
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