Recall Up Date: 2006 Honda CR-V & 2011 Honda CR-Z

Honda is voluntarily recalling 2006 model year CR-V SUVs for potential power window master switch failure. Honda is also recalling 2011 model year CR-Z hybrid vehicles to update powertrain software.

The Problem:
On CR-V models, residue from interior cleaning products may accumulate on power window master switch’s electrical contacts. Over time the residue, combined with normal use, may cause the contacts to degrade, which may lead to an electrical fire.

Manual transmission-equipped CR-Zs are being recalled for a powertrain software update needed to prevent the electric motor from rotating in the opposite direction from the one selected in the transmission. If the vehicle doesn’t have their foot on the brake the car may slowly roll in an unexpected direction, which may lead to a crash. Honda says the potential problem may occur when the gasoline engine has stalled and the IMA battery is in a very low state of charge.

The Fix:
Honda is voluntarily recalling the affected vehicles, and will notify owners in late September. Owners of affected vehicles should take them into an authorized dealer as soon as they get the notice.

Number of Vehicles Affected:
Honda says 80,111 CR-Vs from model year 2006 are being recalled to fix the power window switch and 5626 CR-Zs from model year 2011 are being recalled for a powertrain software update.

Thanks to: Motor Trend


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