Hot News: Caterham Confirmed New Model

Caterham - the manufactuer of the legendary Caterham Seven - has announced it is to produce a brand new line-up of lightweight sportscars, filling a gap left by Lotus' recent move upmarket.

In its first public move since it was bought by Team Lotus F1 in April, Caterham has registered a new standalone engineering business. Caterham Technology and Innovation Limited (CTI) will be responsible for "a completely new line of accessible and affordable sportscars inspired by the lightweight, minimalist philosophy of the Seven."

These cars will be able to draw on the experience, production processes and hi-tech materials used by the Team Lotus F1 squad, giving CTI an immediate advantage over the competition. Although details on exactly what form these new models will take are scarce, the initial focus for CTI will be to create unique platforms and high-performance engines.

Proof, if it was needed, that Caterham is targeting the bottom end of Lotus' range is in CTI's first high-profile recruit. Tony Chute, the new head of road cars, was project manager on the MkI Lotus Elise.

Caterham Cars’ Chief Executive, Ansar Ali, said: “Creating a new product range that has the same reputation and appeal as the Seven, which delivers on the promise of accessibility and affordability, is the Holy Grail in this business. To meet the challenge, we knew we needed to invest in a new operation that would have the scope, experience and vision to deliver.”

He added: “I feel very confident that our customers will be very pleased with the products I have challenged CTI to deliver, in addition to supporting the Seven and I look forward to revealing our plans in more detail soon.” For more details click here.

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