Frankfurt Show 2011 Highlights: Opel RAK e Concept

Governments should ban cars from city centres to help manufacturers deal with “an irreversible drive for cleaner motoring” says Nick Reilly, the influential President of General Motors Europe.

Reilly proposes that such a ban should target combustion engined cars, which could be replaced by a fleet of small electric vehicles like the two seat RAK e he unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, Reilly described the two seat RAK e as the “perfect solution” for mobility in crowded cities, but that governments must do more to support their development – or else accept that the rise of firms in places like China and the East will mean Western firms are left trailing.

“Technically, the RAK e is doable in four to five years” said Reilly, “These types of cars would be perfect for the kind of sharing and rental systems we have seen with bicycles in central London.”

“This process could be managed by large rental firms like Hertz or Avis, who are used to managing fleets of cars in city centres.”

“Where governments could help is by banning standard vehicles from town centres.”

“Drivers could access the fleets by using a simple card system – much like London’s Oyster system”

“Electric cars like the RAK e are safer, more practical and more useable than a bicycle”
“There is still work to be done on cost, and the car has to be practical.”

“This is something that we have done with the Ampera. But the Ampera is also a good example as to why we have built the RAK e.”

“There is no doubt that Governments will push ever tougher legislation for emission control.” He continued” And if that is the case we had better be in the lead of the race to deal with it.”

“If you have good concepts, and I believe that we have that in the RAK e, you can use that to help shape government opinion in your favour.”

“But whatever happens needs to be done quickly.” Reilly concluded “As a company, we will not accept being left behind.” For more details click here.

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