Hot News: Subaru Impreza & WRX will Split?

The new Impreza and high-performance WRX – two versions of the same car since 1992 – are splitting to create separate models, Auto Express has learned.

The WRX will be a completely different beast to the revamped Impreza – which was revealed at April’s New York Motor Show – with unique components. Our image shows a Japanese artist’s interpretation of the car, as a two-door with a shorter wheelbase and heavy-duty bodywork. Our source revealed: “Every part of the WRX will be unique – even the engine and body.”

From now, the standard Impreza will be Subaru’s fuel-efficient core model, while the WRX will employ the brand’s rally-proven 4WD and a new 200bhp 1.6-litre boxer turbo. “We have developed it from the ground up to win in motorsport,” added our source. “That is why we have focused on weight issues, not to mention a shorter wheelbase that permits faster, more precise turn-in. We think we have a winner.” So although the firm pulled out of the World Rally Championship in 2008, a return looks possible.

Above the WRX, Subaru will still offer a low-volume flagship STi, which will be more hardcore than ever. The maker was able to push the limits with this car because its forthcoming coupe – co-developed with the Toyota FT-86 – will fill the gap for a more forgiving performance model.

The new WRX is expected to be revealed within the next year. For more details click here.
Thanks to: Auto Express


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