Hot News: 2015 Toyota Alphard

The Alphard is luxury midsize MPV produce by Toyota since 2002.Current car is 2nd generation began selling since 2008.The Alphard and the co-developed Toyota Vellfire is amoung the popular MPV in Japan.Knowed as luxurious ,very comfortable and planty of interior speace.In some countries they use as an exclusive car more than a normal people commuter.

Before the model change in 2014.Toyota is planning current Alphard with Hybrid system that will power by a petrol 2.4 liter 170 hp/22.8kgm and power from THS-II Hybrid system total at 190hp/24.0kgm in addition to E-Four drive system, CVT stepless automatic transmission will be as standard equipment. Start sell of the hybrid at late 2011.

In 2014 the new generation Alphard will arrive.rendering from best car reveal that styling cues will not have much change. the car will feature a big front grille,more angular and more clear lines and headlight will have LED feature.The cockpit will have integrated audio, air conditioner panels and flat floorplan.the car will have 3 row and midle row will offer captain seat.In the dimention ,the car will have major upgrade in plantform the will add 50 m.m. to the wheelbase to the total of 3000 m.m. (L 4860 x W 1850 x H 1840 )

The power still use naturally aspirated inline four-cylinder 2.4L 170 hp/22.8kgm with CVT and NA petrol 3.5L V6 with 6 speed automatic ( also offer with 4WD) fuel efficiency of 2.4 liter in 10-15 mode is 11.6 k.m./liter and 14.0k.m./liter in hybrid version.
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