Stolen Mustang found!

Good news from our friends over at Motown Muscle. The stolen 91 Mustang we put the APB on Sunday has been found. Police in Brighton, Michigan located the mustang and alerted the owner yesterday morning that his Mustang was found, and completely whole. Here's the rundown of what happened from the owner Matt a.k.a 91trunk.

"The car was taken Saturday night (looking at the video to see what time). The chain to the gate was cut. The guard that came on duty that morning was doing his rounds and notice the gate open more than normal. As he walked up, there was link cut in half laying on the ground. He re-chained the gate, made the phone call to who he was suppose. (I'm going to leave the rest out due to things happening at the dealership).

Fast forward to Sunday morning, I came to the dealership to pick the car up for Blackstang's Daughters car show. I ask the guard to unlock the gate so I could grab my car. I was gonna pull the trailer inside wash the car and meet up with my buddies. I pulled in back where the trailer was sitting and it was gone. At first I thought maybe a co-worker had played a trick and pulled it in the building because both gates were chained. When I was told the story about why the gates were still locked (can't say why yet, it's involves someones job) I called the police. A2 PD came out took the report and put the car in the system as stolen.

This morning at 3 am A2 PD left me a message saying they found my car. I figured it was a shell in Detroit, but to my surprise it was in Brighton. Turns out my car is still a street car ( ), since the guy took his GF to dinner and was at the car wash cleaning it. Brighton PD rolled through the car wash and ran the plate. The plate came back as a Jeep, so the officer started talking to the guy. The guy lied and said it was his fathers car and things weren't adding up, so he ran the VIN. After it came back stolen he arrested the guy and he confessed to stealing the car. He told them the trailer was at his house still hooked up to the truck and my helmet and fire jacket were in his house.

I just got back from Brighton where the car was in impound. The car was kept inside and was in perfect condition (Thanks Corrigan Towing). I don't know if the car was hurt (engine or trans) yet, but everything was there. The only two things missing were the straps and set of old slicks that were sitting on the front of the trailer (the ramps were even there ) She is now back safe and sound here at the dealership. I'll be loading her up tonight and taking her to a new secure storage place.

I want to thanks everyone here for keeping an eye out, spreading the word it was stolen and well wishes. I don't know where my luck came from, but I sure did have it this time. I also want to thank the Brighton PD for being in the right place and the perfect time. Without them, I don't think she would have been found."

You have to admit that it's comical when someone is so stupid to steal a unique car like this mustang and just throw different plates on it and then take your best girl out to dinner to celebrate your stupidity.  Here's to Matt getting his pride and joy back!

A photo of the homecoming.


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