New Car: 2011 Toyota Verso - S

At the upcoming Paris Motor Show in September, Toyota will present its latest offering in the competitive mini-minivan segment. The Verso-S, an MPV with a footprint barely larger than Toyota's current North American offerings, will segue Toyota back into the B-segment with an able, space-efficient competitor.

While Verso S details are still thin, the photos shown here indicate that Toyota has taken styling cues from some of the major European marques, such as Renault, in designing its MPV. The chunky exterior hides the fact that, at just four meters (about 157 inches) it's barely longer than a Yaris hatchback, and nearly two feet shorter than a Corolla sedan. The interior is a familiar Toyota design, with a high-mounted gearbox.

We're not sure if the Verso-S will eventually make it to North America (unlike Ford's definite plan for its next Focus C-Max MPV). The Verso name is familiar to Japanese and European buyers who have had their choice of a Corolla Verso or a Yaris Verso, over several generations, for a little less than a decade.

Thanks to: Motor Trend


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