New Car: 2012 Lancia Stratos

The Stratos has come into focus! Following last week’s grainy shots of Pininfarina's re-imagining of Lancia’s legendary 1970s supercar, more information and these pin-sharp pictures have emerged.

Taken at Fiat’s test track in Balocco, Italy, these photos show the Stratos piloted by ex-Formula 1 driver Tiago Monteiro during a series of benchmark tests. Insiders claim that thanks to its low kerbweight and short wheelbase, the newcomer excelled in every tested area.

Visually, the modern day Stratos is a dead-ringer for its 1970s sibling with a side-by-side shot of the two cars revealing the dimensions are almost identical. Modern updates include traditional headlights – rather than the flip-up units of the original – as well as a more aerodynamic front spoiler and a newly added rear diffuser.

The original car used a Ferrari engine, and that’s true of the newcomer too. It shares the same V8 engine and sequential gearbox as the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, and uses that car’s aluminium chassis too, albeit shortened to fit the Stratos’ small wheelbase. Also recognisable are the rear lights from a Ferrari 599 GTB.

Production was initially envisioned as just a one-off for a wealthy entrepeneur named Michael Stoscheck, but now with the involvement of Fiat's test-track and an ex-Formula 1 driver, the suggestion is that a limited production run could be on the cards giving Lancia a retro-inspired halo model, like the 8C Competizione did for Alfa Romeo.

Reports suggest that Stoscheck has given the all-clear to Pininfarina to build around 25 examples of the Stratos which, judging by the late stages of development could go on sale within the next couple of years. For more details click here.
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