Hot News: Morgan Eva GT to Reveal at Pebble Beach

Morgan is committed to launching a new car every two years, beginning in 2010. And that process begins with the EvaGT, which will be unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California on Sunday.

This teaser is the only image released by the Malvern-based company so far, but we do know that the newcomer will be “a four-seater Coupe aimed at young families.”

And while Morgan’s cars may look like they’re stuck in a timewarp, the technology that underpins them is increasingly cutting edge.

The EvaGT is no exception. It’s based on the bonded aluminium chassis of the Aero SuperSports, and features a superformed aluminium body. This process involves heating aluminium to around 500 degrees and using air pressure to blast the hot metal onto a mould.

The process gives great precision, allowing for tiny panel gaps in the bodywork, while the panels themselves can be moulded into dramatic shapes and creases to improve aerodynamics.

Under the bonnet is a BMW-sourced twin turbo 3.0-litre straight six which develops 306bhp. That allows the car to sprint from 0-62mph in 4.5sec and hit a top speed of 170mph. A six speed auto or manual is available, and the car will feature electronic dampers for a choice of comfort or sport oriented driving.

Efficiency is key to the EvaGT project. As well as optimised aerodynamics, including hidden wipers and flush door handles, weight has been kept to 1,250kg. That means it’s capable of 40mpg and has CO2 emissions of around 200g/km.

The EvaGT gets its debut at Pebble Beach, where potential buyers will be asked for a £5000 deposit to secure their car. The first 100 of a limited production run will begin production in mid-2012.

Morgan is also investing in the next generation of young engineers. Involved in the technical team are five engineers working towards PHDs, using the facilities at Oxford, Cranfield and Birmingham City Universities.

As well as the EvaGT, this group is creating an electric motor which is twice as powerful as others of the same weight and size and a powerful lithium phosphate battery with a higher charge density to achieve the most efficient performance for weight so far.

Check on Sunday when we'll be bringing you the latest information on the latest addition to the Morgan range. For more details click here.

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