Spied: 2011 Mercedes C-Class Coupe

The C-cret is out. Snapped virtually undisguised for the first time is the Mercedes C-Class Coupe. The newcomer replaces the ageing CLC and is set to join the C-Class range early next year when facelifted versions of the saloon and estate arrive.

The new coupe will retain the front and rear ends from the C-Class saloon whilst featuring just two-doors and a unique roofline and windows. What remains disguised is the rear side window which is expected to feature a distinct design trait unique to Mercedes, in the same vein as BMW’s Hofmeister kink.

Buyers should expect the Coupe to use the smaller units shared with the rest of the C-Class range. The 1.6-litre and 1.8 petrols and 2.1-litre diesel are likely to be offered, as prices for the Coupe are expected to remain slightly lower than the saloon as Mercedes looks to retain customers who would originally have opted for a CLC.

The car continues Mercedes’ new coupe naming policy. The CLK has become the E-Class Coupe, and this new car will become the C-Class Coupe. Only the CLS retains its own, distinct model designation, while the CL-Class is likely to become S-Class Coupe when the next generation S-Class arrives.

A new generation C-Class saloon and estate range is due in 2013. However, the C-Class Coupe will overlap this, remaining on sale with the current car’s look until 2014, when it will be replaced by a baby version of the CLS. For more details click here.
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