Hot News: Talbot to be Resurrected

The Talbot brand could be set for resurrection as PSA Peugeot-Citroen seeks to increase its presence in emerging markets. According to reports in a Spanish newspaper, the French group has undertaken a study of the best way to combat rival Renault’s Dacia brand, and the resurrecting the Talbot brand it owns is the front-runner.

Cars badged as Talbots will differ significantly from the rest of the Peugeot-Citroen ranges, and are due to be built at Citroen’s Vigo plant in Spain from 2012. The cars will replace the Peugeot 206 and first generation Citroen C3, which are currently sold as budget offerings in some countries.

PSA President, Philippe Varin, is keen to differentiate between the range of low cost cars and other vehicles manufactured by the group. He sees the low-cost cars as "not compatible" with the PSA’s current commercial policy.

So Talbot will be resurrected for the Middle East, Asian and Africa markets, while the core Peugeot and Citroens continue to be sold in more mature markets where the more luxurious Citroen DS range and Peugeot 508 about to come on stream. For more details click here.
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