Sneak Peek Up Date: 2011 Ford Explorer

They can be quite maddening, these constant teaser photos. Ford has been content to litter the Web with strategically cropped images intended to flaunt the 2011 Explorer, and the game continues today. This time, it's the driver's side headlight that we take a peek at, along with a semi-exposed view of the passenger side.

Teased on the Ford Explorer's Facebook page, the headlight photo was recently inducted as the profile picture. Elsewhere, a side profile can also be partially seen, the top portion at least. And in case you haven't seen the rest of the teaser set, we have them all lined up for your ocular pleasure.

Due as a 2011 model, the fifth-generation Explorer will be the first to utilize unibody construction. Ford has kept this project under tight wraps and few official details have poked through the cracks, although a 2.0-liter EcoBoost inline-four is expected to provide over 200 horsepower and return 19 city mpg with front-wheel drive, according to preliminary Ford estimates.

Thanks to: Motor Trend


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