Tokyo Show 2011 Highlights: Toyota FS Hybrid Concept

The Kanto Auto Works currently builds over 360,000 copies of 10 different car models for Toyota, one of which is the old-school, chrome-bumpered, chauffeur-driven Century. This V-12-powered ’60s Yank-tank design dribbles out at a rate of one per day for consumption by only the biggest of Japan’s big cheeses.

The company also assists Toyota with some engineering projects, and the FS Hybrid concept making its debut in Tokyo may just be one such project. Company reps were tight lipped, and refused to acknowledge the car’s obvious stylistic link with the vintage Century, but that’s all it can possibly be. The V-12 engine is most likely replaced by the hybrid drivetrain from the Lexus LS600h, but here again we are limited to conjecture.

Dimensions of the concept were also undisclosed, but if we were to hazard a guess, we’d say it’s a bit wider and taller, but possibly shorter in length. We’d love to know what the Japanese press makes of this car. The original has seen so little change in the many decades it has been in production, that the Century faithful may view this wholesale redesign as sacrilege. We’re all for change, as long as it’s still available in black and dark blue.

Thanks to: Motor Trend


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