Tokyo Show 2011 Highlights: Daihatsu Pico Concept

Daihatsu has brought three wacky concepts to the Tokyo motor show. The Daihatsu D-X, Pico and FC Shocase adopt the firm’s ‘big answer from small’ slogan and preview Daihatsu’s next-generation tech for small cars

Also featuring on Daihatsu’s Tokyo stand is the Pico. The electric two-seat tandem is described as representing a new category of vehicle, “positioned between light cars and motorised bicycles”.

Features of the Pico include scissor-style doors with integrated LED lighting, a flat floor to ease access and a radar-guided ‘driving assistance’ system.

The Pico is described as being able to combat the challenges of EV battery cost and range because it's only designed for small daily errands. The Pico can also adapt to be anything from a mobility scooter to a small urban delivery vehicle, Daihatsu said at the Tokyo show.

Thanks to: Autocar


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