Tokyo Show 2011 Highlights: Honda Micro Commuter Concept

This Micro Commuter Concept, revealed by Honda at the Tokyo motor show today, is a Renault Twizy-style urban commuter vehicle. The vehicle gets a similar three-seat 1+2 layout to the Nissan PIVO 3, featuring a central driving position and two back-set smaller seats.

Yoshikazu Kigoshi, general manager for Honda research and design, admitted that it was uncertain whether the tiny, 2.5-metre long Micro-commuter could become a global car, but he did say “there is potential but we have not decided whether the car can work in so many different markets.”

The Micro Commuter Concept was one of seven concepts shown off by Honda at its home motor show. Among the others was the tiny new Motor Compo electric folding bike, which can be stored within the Micro Commuter Concept.

Thanks to: Autocar


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