Tokyo Show 2011 Highlights: Daihatsu D-X Concept

Daihatsu has brought three wacky concepts to the Tokyo motor show. The Daihatsu D-X, Pico and FC Shocase adopt the firm’s ‘big answer from small’ slogan and preview Daihatsu’s next-generation tech for small cars.

The Daihatsu D-X (‘d-cross) is a compact and chunky multi-purpose two-seater. Power comes courtesy of a two-pot, turbocharged unit, which Daihatsu says “strikes a balance between the joy of driving and fuel-efficiency”. According to Daihatsu's Tokyo press conference, the next-gen 'efficient and powerful' two-cylinder engine used in the concept will be rolled out across the Daihatsu range.

The D-X’s versatile resin-based body parts can be swapped to allow the concept to take on different body guises, such as roadster, coupé and hatchback.

Thanks to: Autocar


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