SEMA 07: Heico Sportiv Volvo S80 concept

One of the most attractive tuner concept cars on display at SEMA is this Volvo S80 T6 HPC from German Volvo tuner Heico Sportiv. The most notcible modification to the car is its 7-layer "aluminum effect" paint job that looks absolutely stunning. The 7 layer paint job took 2 weeks to complete. The paint process is so precise, that it does not allow for any re-shoots or touch up. Heico redesigned and improved the body of the S80 as well. The entire front clip was replaced to give the car a more aggressive look along with enlarged wheel arches. The rear bumper was also treated to the styling treatment to allow for rectangular exhaust cutouts and carbon fiber accents.

Powered by a specialy tuned inline 6 cylinder, with 350 horsepower, is a fuel effiecient hot rod. Heico Sportiv designed the motor to run on E85 ethanol. The engine produces 405 ft. lbs. of torque. Heico also converted the front wheel drive S80 to all wheel drive. Other engine upgrades include, a larger intercooler, ECU upgrades, and a stainless steel racing exhaust. 0-60 times have been calculaetd a 5.8 seconds.

A lowered suspension, a 14 inch big brake upgrade with 6 piston calipers, 20 inch lightweight forged wheels by Volution X, and 255/30R20 Continental performance tires wrap up the exterior.
The interior has been treated to rear bucket seats, a full leather upgrade(including the headliner and door pannels), and sport front seats. The dash and center console have also been lined with aluminum carbon fiber. The car's aluminum exterior is accentuated by the mystic blue leather on the interior.

About Heico:

Heico Sportiv was founded outside of Frankfurt, Germany in 1995. It has grown to become Europe's leading Volvo tuning firm. Heico has the longest running history of endurance racing featuring Volvo cars spanning 13 years. This serves as the engineering basis for offering high-quality components for Volvo road cars. Please refer to for more information.



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