In the dream garage: APR Audi R8

I fell in love with the R8 when I worked at Audi. A super car with crisp lines, awesome performance, and lastly was German. This R8 tuned by performance gurus APR was spotted at the SEMA show in the Michelin display. No info was given as to the cars specs and the Internet turns up very little, but this looks like one sweet ride that takes the R8's performance to the next level. Obvious upgrades would have to include computer reprogramming, and exhaust work. Then you find the upgraded 2 piece wheels, Brembo cross drilled rotors and calipers.

Even in stock form the R8 is worthy of being in my dream garage. After watching the latest Top Gear episode with the Stig and Jeremy Clarkson's hoonage of the R8 with Richard Hammond's 911 Carrera S, it makes me want one even more. But the APR edition would take it to a new level.


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