Lexus Hybrid vs. Audi Diesel. Who will win the luxury war?

Lexus set out to beat the Germans at their own game by offering the LS600 Hybrid. A luxury car that offers hybrid technology. Mercedes, BMW, & Audi had created the ultra luxury cars with the big V-12s under the hood. So why create a hybrid? Well Audi has responded by offering a new A8L 4.2 TDI. The Lexus offers a 5.0 liter V8 that combines an electric motor that produces an additional 50hp over the gas version.

Auto Express from England recently paired the LS 600 H with the A8. In TDI form the A8L is the UK's most powerful diesel car you can buy. Where did they stack up. Well everything has lined up in favor of the Audi. Most noticeably in the pricing category. The Audi offered a £20,000 difference in price. With good reason too. The Lexus is the most expensive model to ever be offered by Luxury spin off of Toyota. The German marque is as well known for developing diesel power in luxury and sporting cars as Lexus is for its work in the field of hybrids.

Where the Audi has it all over the Lexus is in driveability. The Audi is actually fun to drive. It's responsive, and preforms exceptionally well with it's Quattro all wheel drive. The Lexus on the other hand lacks AWD, and is rather boring to drive.


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