Spied: 2014 Ferrari Enzo

The new Ferrari Enzo has broken cover for the first time. It was spotted testing in the grounds of a high-speed test track in Germany, and the rival to the Porsche 918 Spyder and upcoming replacement for the McLaren F1 sports very heavy camouflage. Underneath lies a dramatic carbon body, carbon chassis and a new mid-mounted V12 engine.

There are clear visual clues that it's a Ferrari, thanks to its 458-style front end and FF alloy wheels, and the Enzo has a flat front nose and rising haunches which mirror the 458’s proportions. The bigest difference is that this car is a lot wider than a 458.

There are also short overhangs underneath all that cladding, with more athletic proportions than these shots reveal. There’s also a rear wing underneath the disguise, unlike the original Enzo’s wingless body.

The rear sees massive shrouds each housing a pair of large exhausts for the mid-mounted engine. While downsizing is the trend for car makers at present, Ferrari has clearly stated that it intends to continue to use V12s in its flagship models.

The new Enzo will use a 7.3-litre V12 with more than 900bhp – eclipsing not only its chief rival, the 728bhp Porsche 918, but also the original 650bhp Ferrari Enzo. It will use a double-clutch gearbox, ceramic brakes and F1-style KERS, giving the driver a power boost at the push of a button on the steering wheel.

The new Enzo will also use a carbonfibre chassis and body, unlike other Ferraris such as the 458 and FF that use aluminium. It should be lighter than the original 1,255kg Enzo, guaranteeing that it's at the pinnacle of supercar performance. That means a 0-62mph time of less than three seconds and a top speed in excess of 220mph. However, Ferrari isn't immune from the quest for lower emissions and fuel consumption, so these are sure to be better than the Enzo's.

The new Ferrari Enzo is expected to make its public debut later this year. Only 399 examples of the previous-generation Enzo were ever sold, so expect a similar number to find their way into the hands of owners. A price tag of well over £500,000 is expected, too.For more details click here.
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