Beijing Show 2012 Highlights: BYD-Daimler Denza Concept

Daimler and Chinese car maker BYD (Build Your Dreams) have revealed the Denza concept at the Beijing motor show. Prototypes of the production model are already at large in major cities across China prior to a market launch next year.

The venture aims to combine BYD’s battery technology (its original business was making batteries) with the manufacturing, technological and design clout of Mercedes-Benz. Currently over 200 engineers from both companies are working to make the Denza a production reality.

The concept is a four-seat car with rear-hinged rear doors, opening to reveal a spacious and luxurious interior, although it is thought the look of the production car will owe more to its exterior than its interior.

The Denza will be built in BYD’s home city of Shenzhen and will launch into what is already the largest car market in the world. According to Denza, the Government plans to include the number of New Energy Vehicles (electric cars) in China from 10,000 at present to 5 million by 2020; if Daimler and BYD have their way, no small number of them will be Denzas.

Thanks to: Autocar


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