NY Show 2012 Highlights: Honda Accord Crosstour Concept

Honda’s Crosstour has been a lightning rod for controversy since the first images of the crossover appeared on social networking sites back in September of 2009. Almost immediately, commenters began hurling insults towards the mid-size CUV, many disappointed that the (then called) Accord Crosstour was less wagon—as rumored early on in the model’s development— and more, uh, giant four-door humpback-hatch. From some angles, the Crosstour’s hood and grille appeared almost an exaggerated caricature, both features seemingly too large for its body.

Undeterred, Honda stayed the course, nurturing the maligned Crosstour along, eventually dropping “Accord” from its name and adding a four-cylinder engine to the lineup.

Given Honda’s track record of displaying thinly veiled, production-ready designs and calling them concepts, we’d wager that what you’re seeing here is more or less the 2013 Honda Crosstour.

Count on the revised fascia making the cut, the grille now sporting a chunkier chrome surround, with sharper creases below the headlamps. A large, blacked-out lower fascia houses the fog lamps and stretches across the front, met in the middle by a sill plate of contrasting color in an attempt to lend the Crosstour a more SUV-like appearance. The lower blackout treatment extends to the side sills and around the back, where it meets a revised, more horizontal tailgate intended to continue the rugged tone.

The production model is slated to roll on 18-inch wheels in place of the five-spoke, 19-inch wheels shown on the concept. Of course, if the 19s do become available, it wouldn’t be the first time something from a concept made it to the options sheet.

Thanks to: Car and Driver


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