From the interesting files: 1928 Grahm-Paige Sound Train

This find comes from our friends at Hemmings Motor News. And this certainly qualifies as an interesting "What Is It?". This is a 1928 Grahm-Paige limousine, one of 15 or 16 built that would travel cross country promoting various products.

According to the seller's description, "Based on the Graham-Paige Model 837 long wheelbase limousine, the Sound Train hood is modified to resemble the boiler of a railroad locomotive and fitted with all manner of locomotive-themed lights, bells, whistles and accessories. The passengers’ compartment is trimmed like a luxurious parlor car and modified with an observation platform at the back, complete with overhanging roof, elaborate railing and upholstered bench seat. Each front fender has a small seat where a child or glamorous lady could ride, and an effective sound system can play appropriate music or public announcements. This example is largely original and unrestored and has many of its railroad-themed accessories, lights and features. It runs and drives, but is aged, tired and in need of restoration."

We certainly have never seen another, but despite the odd factor it caries, makes this classic one cool ride in my opinion.

Source: Hemmings Blog.


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