Detroit Show 2011 Highlights: Toyota Prius C Concept

The Prius is growing down as well as up! Toyota has sprung a surprise in Detroit, unveiling an all-new smaller member of the Prius family called the Prius C concept.

Joining the standard car, the plug-in Prius and the new Prius V on the show stand, the C is aimed at a much younger customer base, and while Toyota say this is strictly a concept, it conceded that a production version inspired by this show car would go on sale in 2012.

Designed at Toyota's European design studios, ED2 located in Sophia Antipolis, South-East of France, the C will be the most affordable and also the most efficient member of the Prius family when it reaches production - thanks largely to its low weight.

With four doors and four useable seats, the most obvious rival is the Honda Insight which has always been cheaper and smaller than its arch rival, the Prius. However, with its edgy styling and youthful appeal it could double up as an alternative to the Honda CRZ coupe, too. For more details click here.

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