New Concept Car: Mercedes F800

By the time we head to the Geneva auto show in a few days, there won’t be many surprises left to report—which is fine by us, as we’ll be busy arguing with French-speaking cabbies about accepting euros instead of Swiss francs.

Now Mercedes has prematurely announced the F800 Style concept, which seems to be a pretty faithful look at the upcoming 2011 CLS. If accurate, it looks like the next CLS will be as dramatic departure from the old as the original was from the E-class on which it was based. That’s disappointing to us, as the current car is among the most beautiful cars on the road today, whereas this one—in pictures at least—seems to be based on Zoolander’s “Derelicte” line of nonsense spun as fashion. It looks like they borrowed ideas from a few carmakers and combined them into one, then slapped on an SLS grille and put a BMW 3-series front fascia on the rear. But we’ll reserve final judgment for when we see it in person.

Thanks to: Car and Driver


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