New Concept Car: Honda 3R-C

Forget trains, buses and conventional cars this is how Honda envisages the commuter vehicle of the future! Called the 3R-C it an all-new three-wheeled battery-powered concept with space for just one passenger, and it's heading for the Geneva show.

Created by European designers working at Honda's R&D facility in Milan, the 3R-C is powered by an electric drivetrain mounted low in the chassis - to keep the centre of gravity as close to the ground as possible thus improving stability.

The clear canopy you can see covers the driver's seat when its parked up and not in use, and protects the driver from the elements when in motion. The high sides of the safety shell add to the weather protection and offer protection in case of a crash.

Also on display in Geneva will be the EV-N - Honda's take on a small, stylish zero-emissions supermini. First shown in Tokyo last year it takes its inspiration from the 1967 N360 city car. For more details click here.

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