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Mitsubishi Outlander Latest mempuyai great chance to pull the market in pemujanya Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). With the latest innovations in technology and the benefits of traditional SUVs Mitsubishi Outlander SUV to be competitors for the preceding, only a Honda C-RV and Toyota RAV4. Besides support for interior design can also be withdrawn after experiencing the benefits of the changes from the previous generation.

Benefits of the latest Mitsubishi Outlander is offered a new fusion engine 16 valve 2.4 liter aluminum MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control System) combined with the Sport Mode 6-speed CVT and 4WD system is electronically controlled and the car is equipped with a large, economical materials fuel, environmentally friendly and convenient in use.

Outlander also features a new roof with aluminum mono-tube rear shock and the advanced technology derived from the Lancer Evolution. Interior design and classical cross Reliability of the sport utility function and SUVs.

Have been designed with the active stability control system and four-wheel drive, Outlander body stuktur also provide more stable and light-footed in high-speed aluminum roof and the center of gravity makes the car go down to reduce the risk occurs when a car rolled slip.

He uses the latest generation platfom to perform better when the impact. Also, more light-footed and is designed for superior acceleration, platfom this is also used for the new Lancer.

In terms of environment, Outlander gets 4 stars for emissions, which is 75% lower than the regulation Japanesse 2005 Emission Regulation. Mitsubishi uses a high strength steel to increase rigidity, but the addition of minimal weight.

Body structure is also designed to improve derajad protection against impact from the various sides, as well as pedestrian protection. To improve the response and rein handling, Outlander using aluminum roof makes the car more central grafitasi low and reduce the moment inersia, without compromising the quality of rudder.

New engine a compact, lightweight with a cylinder block material from aluminum menggunanakan this technology regulator valve MIVEC on the card entry and exit valves. Production resources and torsi of four silindernya not yet released. INVECS (Intelligent & Innovative Vehicle Electronic Control System)-III Sport Mode 6-speed CVT assist fuel efficiency as well as the smooth and responsive acceleration. CVT transmission also use this pedal pemindah teeth on the wheel, ease the process of moving teeth without the need to remove the hands from the steering wheel.

Four-wheel drive system is controlled electronically, which is continuously distributed torsi to front and rear wheels are optimal depending on field conditions at that time. Dial selector allows the driver choose the three-mode, 2WD, 4WD and 4WD LOCK.

Suspensi on the front MacPherson strut and trailing arm multi-link behind. Trak width and length of swing improve stability and control. Mono-tube shock absorber in response Suspensi bring back more quickly on low-speed car. 225/55R 18 tires membungukus alloy wheel 18 inch 5 bolt.

For easy loading and unloading of goods, divided by the two tailgate Outlander. Small and lightweight items can be inserted through the top. However, while the second part will be opened the tailgate of that is easy to enter the goods are large.


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