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The new Mini Coupe Cabrio, four-seat convertible comes with evolutionary design coupled with increase functionality, powerful engines, specially tuned suspension and enhanced safety technology.
The 2nd generation MINI convertible is quite similar to its 1st generation. The current coupe's engines will be ported over to the convertible and high performance JCW package will be be offered once launch. The base engine is 1.6 liter four cylinder, featuring full variable valve management which gives a maximum output of 118 horse power at 6000 rpm, while the S comes with a Twin Scroll turbocharger engine with direct gasoline injection capable of delivering 172 horse power at 5500 rpm. Both engines come with a six speed manual with optional automatic transmission.

The new MINI Convertible has improved its suspension technology over the former model. Bringing the agility and safety to a next level is the sophisticated wheel suspension, powerful braking system, precise electromechanical power steering and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) which are all available as standard features.
Times spent open-air motoring can be recorded on the unique Openometer which is located next to the tachometer
A better rearward visibility is made possible with the removal of the fixed rear hoops by the pop-up units. There is however, no compromise in the protection for occupants in the event of a rollover with the increase in the rearward visibility.
The new Easy Load Function featuring folding rear seat backrest streatches the cargo capacity to 23.1 cubic feet.


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