Detroit Show 2012 Highlights: Nissan Pathfinder Concept

Nissan is presenting the next generation of its full-size Nissan Pathfinder SUV with this concept at today’s Detroit motor show – but the production model is not destined for the UK. Instead, UK buyers will continue to be offered today’s Pathfinder.

The new fourth-generation Pathfinder puts a much greater emphasis on styling this time around, featuring a more aerodynamic body with a lower belt line, muscular wheel arches and a much more recognizable front-end.

The new three-row, seven-seat Pathfinder features an all-new unibody platform, which is claimed to offer much greater flexibility in interior packaging. The platform has allowed for the more aerodynamic styling without compromising on interior space, headroom or boot capacity, Nissan claims. Perceived interior space is also improved with a large panoramic roof.

The new platform will make the imminent next-generation Pathfinder weigh considerably less than the current body-on-frame design. This in turn will greatly improve fuel economy by as much as 25 per cent, which Nissan says is at the request of current Pathfinder owners.

The concept features a V6 petrol engine of an unspecified capacity mated to a new CVT gearbox. There’s also a new four-wheel drive system that Nissan claims allows the Pathfinder to beat allcomers for towing ability.

Full details on the new Pathfinder production car will be released in the summer before the all-new model reaches US dealers in the autumn.

Thanks to: Autocar


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