New Concept Car: Skoda vRS200 Design

Has Skoda lost its head? Built especially for the Worthersee event in Reifnitz, Germany (also known as GTI-Treffen), Skoda has unveiled a wild concept based on its Fabia Super 200 rally car, called the Fabia vRS 200 design concept.

The event which was created for fans of VW Group cars, is infamous for its outrageous one-offs - like the 496bhp Audi A1 also revealed at this years' show. And Skoda hasn't disapppointed its loyal following with this eye-catching roadster.

Featuring a chopped roof and cut down windscreen, Skoda is calling it 'an original roadster persuing the single goal of dynamism and the joy of sporty driving.' We call it the meanest-looking version of the Fabia to date. It features front and rear doors and plenty of room for four passengers inside.

But you guessed it, it's merely a design concept and doesn't hint at a production model, which is just as well. With it's five-door layout and no roof, the structural rigidity would be severly compromised making for a less-than rewarding driving experience! For more details click here.

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