Spied: 2012 Audi S6

We’ve only recently driven the 2012 Audi A6, a car that left us with very few complaints. But the upcoming S6 pictured here should be a great reason to not buy an A6.

Visually, the S6 is almost unchanged from an A6 with the optional S-line package. A subtle lip spoiler in the rear improves roadholding at ultra-high velocities, and the quadruple tailpipes typical of S models are present. The seats will be sportier, but otherwise, changes will be limited to things necessary for identification purposes: S badging in the grille and on the steering wheel.

The main difference is under the skin: The S6 packs an entirely new engine, a turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 that makes around 450 hp. In the interest of fuel economy, the eight also boasts cylinder deactivation. This is the same engine that will power the entry-level Bentley Continental, as well as the upcoming S7 and S8—although it will probably make more power in the S8 than in the S6 and S7. The naturally aspirated V-10 in the current S6 and S8 will be history, but don’t worry—the torquey turbocharged V-8 should run circles around it.

Thanks to: Car and Driver


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