Geneva Show 2011 Highlights: Nissan ESFLOW Concept

Meet Nissan’s shocking Geneva Motor show concept! This is the ESFLOW, a 100 per cent electric rear-wheel drive sports car concept that takes Nissan’s battery technology to the next level.

Unlike Nissan’s electric LEAF family car, the ESFLOW has been designed as an electric car from the ground up, allowing the firm’s engineers to locate the car’s electric powertrain for optimum weight distribution.

However, the ESFLOW does use the powertrain from the LEAF, albeit optimised for performance. Each rear wheel features its own electric motor which provides enough torque to allow the concept to sprint from 0-62mph in under five seconds. The motors allow torque vectoring for razor-sharp handling.

Power is provided by the same 24kw/h laminated lithium-ion batteries used by the LEAF. However, in the ESFLOW these are located along the front and rear axles for optimum weight distribution. The batteries give a range of over 150 miles – an improvement on the LEAF’s 109 miles.

Using an aluminium chassis to cut weight, the ESFLOW features dramatic styling which is an evolution of the current 370Z. The head and taillights are particularly striking, as they appear slashed into the car’s bodywork. The headlights also hide the charging points for the batteries.

On the inside, the ESFLOW saves weight by swapping conventional seats for a pair of gold-leather-upholstered fixed chairs sculpted into the bulkhead – the driver adjusts the steering wheel and pedals instead.For more details click here.
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